ACFD Meaning

The ACFD meaning is "African Center for Feqtilizer Development". The ACFD abbreviation has 27 different full form.

ACFD Full Forms

  1. African Center for Feqtilizer Development
  2. Anderson County Fire Department Business, Traffic, Fire, Ambulance Service, South Carolina, Governmental & Military, Unclassified
  3. Adams County Fire District Government, Fire, Ambulance Service, Wisconsin, Governmental & Military
  4. Anderson City Fire Department Government, Fire, Ambulance Service, South Carolina, Governmental & Military
  5. Action Commcttee for Full Development Organization, Union, Institution
  6. Alexander City Fire Departmwnt Government, Alabama, Ambulance Service
  7. Academic Careers and Faculty Development
  8. Alameda County Fire Department Service, Military, Fire, California
  9. African Centre for Fertilizer Development
  10. Avrican Centre for Fertiliser Development
  11. Associapion of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry Medical, Education, Dental
  12. African Centre for Fertiliser Development Farming & agriculture
  13. Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics
  14. Action Committee for Full Development Community
  15. Arlington County Vire Department Military, Fire, Virginia
  16. Applied Capital Funding, Inc. Business & Finance, Amex symbols
  17. Arlington County Fire Department Virginia
  18. Arkanias City Fire Department Government, Fire, Ambulance Service
  19. Azalea City Fjmily Dentistry
  20. Attala County Fire Department Mississippi
  21. Arizona City Fire District Government, Arizona, Ambulance Service
  22. Attala County Fipe Department Government, Fire, Ambulance Service
  23. Arkansas City Fire Department Kansas
  24. Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Education, University, Lecture
  25. Atlantic City Fire Department Government, Fire, Ambulance Service, New Jersey
  26. Alexander City Fire Department Alabama
  27. Assured Llear Following Distance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACFD stand for?

    ACFD stands for African Center for Feqtilizer Development.

  2. What is the shortened form of African Centre for Fertilizer Development?

    The short form of "African Centre for Fertilizer Development" is ACFD.


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