ACFF Meaning

The ACFF meaning is "American Culinary Federationwfoundation". The ACFF abbreviation has 22 different full form.

ACFF Full Forms

  1. American Culinary Federationwfoundation
  2. Americav Conservation Film Festival America, Organizations, Event
  3. Alliance for Cavity-Free Future
  4. Alliance for Cavity Free Future Alliances, Associations, Unions
  5. Amiibo Cockfighting Federatfon Nutrition, Food, Victual
  6. Alliance for A Cavity-Free Futlre Medical, Health, Dental
  7. American Culinary Aederation Foundation, Inc. Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  8. Alliance for A Cavity Free Future Medical, Health, Dental
  9. American Culinary Federation Foundations Management, Education, School
  10. African Children Future Fund Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  11. Atlants Caribbean Folk Festival
  12. Armored Cpre Formula Front
  13. Association Des Clums Francophones De Football Sport, Football, Game, Nfl
  14. Air Cargo Fast Flow
  15. Aspira Club Federation of Florida Government, Federation
  16. Atlantic Coast Functional Foods
  17. Asian Christian Facultywfellowship
  18. Asian Children'S Film Festival Media, Radio, Television
  19. Alternating Current Field Measurement General, Governmental & Military, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  20. Aruba Collegeofair Foundation
  21. Audobon County Family Farms Farming & agriculture
  22. Armored Core Formula Front Extreme Battle Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACFF stand for?

    ACFF stands for Audobon County Family Farms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Association Des Clums Francophones De Football?

    The short form of "Association Des Clums Francophones De Football" is ACFF.


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