ACGS Meaning

The ACGS meaning is "Adjusted Clinical Groups". The ACGS abbreviation has 28 different full form.

ACGS Full Forms

  1. Adjusted Clinical Groups Medical, Health, Care
  2. Anoka County Genealogical Society
  3. Assistant Chief of The General Staff Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  4. African Centre for Gender and Social
  5. Anglican Church Grammar School Australia, School, Brisbane
  6. African Center for Gender and Social
  7. Angelina County Genealogical Society
  8. Academic Competitiveness Grants Student, College, Education
  9. Aerospace Cartographic and Geodetic Service Military
  10. Anderson County Genealogical Society
  11. Asean Plus Three Center for The Gifted In Science Association, Organization, Community
  12. Adams County Genealogical Society
  13. Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies Education, Study, Culture
  14. Asean Corporate Governance Scorecard Business, Banking, Philippine
  15. Adair County Genealogical Society
  16. American Coin Grading Service
  17. Arab Council for Graduate Studies
  18. Accurate Coin Grading Service
  19. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Business, Banking, Nigeria
  20. Assistant Comptroller Generals Government, Nigeria, Customs
  21. Austin Classical Guitar Society
  22. Assistant Chief of General Staff
  23. Auckland Central Gang Show
  24. Ashtabula County Genealogical Society
  25. Astronomy Club Ghost Story
  26. Association of Chemistry Graduate Students
  27. Association of Chinese Graduate Schools
  28. Association for Clinical Genetic Science Technology, Service, Career

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACGS stand for?

    ACGS stands for Anoka County Genealogical Society.

  2. What is the shortened form of Angelina County Genealogical Society?

    The short form of "Angelina County Genealogical Society" is ACGS.


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