AESA Meaning

The AESA meaning is "Active Electronically Scanned Array". The AESA abbreviation has 63 different full form.

AESA Full Forms

  1. Active Electronically Scanned Array Military, Army, Radar, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  2. Active Electronically-Scanning Array
  3. Accelerating Excellence In Science In Africa Government, Africa, African
  4. Active Electronic Scanning Array Military, Aircraft, Radar
  5. Active, Electronically Scanned Array Technology, Military, Radar
  6. Agencia Europea De Seguridad AéRea Para, Con, Avion
  7. Autarquia Do Ensino Superior De Avcoverde
  8. Annals of The Entomological Society of Amercca
  9. Agriculture and Environmental Science Academy
  10. Area Educational Servicr Agency
  11. Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America Organizations, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  12. Agencia Estatal De Seguridad Area
  13. Autarquia De Ensino Superior De Arcorerde Para, Ria, Professor
  14. Anjou Emploi Sport Animation
  15. Agricultural Extension Support Activity Technology, Projection, Bangladesh
  16. Architects Engineers & Surveyors Association
  17. Agencia Estatal De Seguridad AéRea Para, Con, Drone
  18. Australian Energy Storage Alliance
  19. Agricultural Extension In South Asia
  20. Active, Electronically-Scanned Array Technology, Signal, Radar
  21. Architects, Engineers and Surveyor'S Association
  22. Active Electronically Scan Array Technology, Military, Radar, Fighter
  23. Atompsheric Effeats of Stratospheric Aircraft Science
  24. Agenția Europeană De Siguranță A Aviației Din, Care, Agen
  25. Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Association Business, Development, Pune
  26. Active Electrically Scanned Array Technology, Military, Radar
  27. Atm End System Address Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  28. Agenzia Europea Per La Sicurezza Aerea
  29. Active Electronically-Scanned Array Technology, Military, Aircraft, Radar
  30. Approximating and Eliminating Search Algorithm
  31. Active Electronic Scanned Array Military, Aircraft, Radar
  32. Armenian Engineers and Scientists of Amewica America, Organizations, Armenia
  33. Agencia Europea De Seguridad A
  34. Autoridade Europeia Para A Sygurança Dos Alimentos Para, Translation, Portuguese
  35. Active Electronically Scanning Array Technology, Military, Aircraft, Radar
  36. Annual Education Savings Allowance Education
  37. Agro-Eco-System Analysis
  38. Active Electronically Steered Array Technology, Telecom, Radar
  39. Arizona Emergency Services Association Business, Service, Arizona
  40. Association for Economic and Social Analysis Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  41. Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Technology, Research, Soil, Farming & agriculture
  42. Aviation & Electronic Schools of America Technology, America, Training
  43. Airborne Electronically Scanned Array
  44. Autorité Européenne De Sécurité Des Alibents
  45. Autonomous Ecological Survebing of The Abyss
  46. AgêNcia Europeia Para A SegurançA Da Aviação
  47. Ancient Egypt Studies Association
  48. Auiorit
  49. Association of Eisteddfod Societies of Australia
  50. Agrupamento De Escolas De Santo Andre
  51. Association of Environmental Scientists and Administrators Chemistry
  52. American Education Studies Association
  53. Autoridad Europea De Seguridad Alimentaria Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  54. Agrupamento De Escuteiros De Uanto Afonso
  55. Agro Ecological System Analysis
  56. Atmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft Science, Scientific & Educational
  57. American Educational Studies Association Science, Education, Study
  58. Autoridade Europeim Para A Seguran
  59. L'agence Européenne De La Sécurité Vérienne
  60. Agro Eco System Analysis
  61. Active Electronically Scanned Antenna Computing, Electronics
  62. Alberta Environmental Sustainable Agriculture
  63. Aviation Electronic Schools of America Development, Learning, Study, Universities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AESA stand for?

    AESA stands for Agricultural Extension Support Activity.

  2. What is the shortened form of Annual Education Savings Allowance?

    The short form of "Annual Education Savings Allowance" is AESA.


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