AFAF Meaning

The AFAF meaning is "Air Filter for Air Filters". The AFAF abbreviation has 17 different full form.

AFAF Full Forms

  1. Air Filter for Air Filters
  2. Aide Aux Frais Associés à La Formation Droit, Formation, Aid
  3. Algerian Federation of American Football
  4. Academics for Academic Freedom Science, Education, University
  5. Air Force Auxiliary Field Military, Air Force
  6. Association Fran
  7. Air Force Assistance Fund Program, Service, Military, Air Force, Governmental & Military
  8. Air Force Accounting and Finance
  9. Air Force Accounting & Finance
  10. American Federation of American Football
  11. Asian Federation of American Football
  12. Antioch Fine Arts Foundation America, Organizations, American
  13. Amphibious Force, Atlantic Fleet
  14. Amphibious Force Atlantic Fleet
  15. American Friends of Our Armed Forces America, Military, Friendship
  16. American Fine Arts Festival America, Festival, Competition
  17. Association FrançAise De L'Ataxie De Friedreich Medical, Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFAF stand for?

    AFAF stands for Algerian Federation of American Football.

  2. What is the shortened form of Aide Aux Frais Associés à La Formation?

    The short form of "Aide Aux Frais Associés à La Formation" is AFAF.


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