AFAR Meaning

The AFAR meaning is "Airborne Field Artillery Regiment". The AFAR abbreviation has 31 different full form.

AFAR Full Forms

  1. Airborne Field Artillery Regiment
  2. Arhiva De Folclor A Academiei RomÂNe
  3. Archive of Future Ancient Recordings
  4. Agriculture, Food and Rural
  5. Arctic Forward Area Refueling
  6. American Federation of Aging Research Medical, Science, Health
  7. Aflatoxin B1 Aldehyde Reductase Medical
  8. Arab Forum On Asset Recovery Technology, Corruption, Transparency
  9. American Federation for Aging Research Medical, America, Health
  10. Afb1 Aldehyde Reductase Medical
  11. Annales FrançAise D'Anesthésie Et De RéAnimation
  12. Association Fran
  13. As Far As Remember
  14. Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting
  15. Annales FrançAises D'Anesthésie Et De RéAnimation
  16. Army Supplement To Federal Acquisition Regulations Technology
  17. Advanced Facility for Avian Research Technology, University, Bird
  18. Annales Fran
  19. Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Military
  20. Action for Agricultural Renewal
  21. AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHER'S MATE AIRMAN RECRUIT Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  22. Association for Asia Research
  23. Airborne Field Artillery
  24. Association for Asian Research Education, Organizations, China
  25. Advanced Field Array Radar
  26. Asociación De Familiares Y Amigos De Represaliados
  27. Azores Fixed Acoustic Range Military
  28. Asynchronous Fault Address Register Technology
  29. Asociaci
  30. Association FrançAise Des Assistants RéAlisateurs Film, Association, Cinema, Fiction
  31. Association FrançAise Des Affaires RéGlementaires Medicine, Health, Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFAR stand for?

    AFAR stands for Asynchronous Fault Address Register.

  2. What is the shortened form of Annales FrançAise D'Anesthésie Et De RéAnimation?

    The short form of "Annales FrançAise D'Anesthésie Et De RéAnimation" is AFAR.


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