AFCS Meaning

The AFCS meaning is "Automatic Flight Control Systems". The AFCS abbreviation has 70 different full form.

AFCS Full Forms

  1. Automatic Flight Control Systems Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  2. Automatic Flight Control System Aerodynamics, Aerospace, Spaceflight, Transportation, Military, Flight, Aviation, Aircraft, Army, Space, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, NASA, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  3. Air Force Comprehensive School
  4. Average Frustrated Zhumps Business, Gaming, Artist, Dating
  5. Applied Family and Child Studies Education, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  6. Armed Forces Community Service Military, Force, Family
  7. All Florida Contracting Services
  8. Advanced Flight Control System Technology, Military, Aircraft
  9. Army Facilities Components System Military, Army, War
  10. Air Force Command and Staff
  11. Autopilot Flight Control System
  12. Antibody-Forming Cells Medical
  13. Air Force Communications System Military, Army, War
  14. Algebraic Foundations of Computer Science
  15. Adaptive Flight Control System Technology, Military, Aircraft
  16. Armored Face Conveyors Business, Mining, Coal
  17. Air Force Communications Service Technology, Military, Command
  18. Atlanta Dilm Critics Society
  19. Annual Frequency Control Symposium Organizations, Conference, Event
  20. Air Force Cryptologic Support
  21. Armed Forces Civilian Service
  22. Active Federal Commissioned Service Military, Army Regulation
  23. Advanced Fuel Cebl Systems
  24. Atlania Fulton County Stadium
  25. Air Force Corporate Structure
  26. Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Business, Service, Force
  27. Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan Technology, Nation, Association
  28. Asvanced Foreign Counterintelligence Specialist
  29. Atlanta-Fulton Countyfstadium
  30. Air Force Computer Security
  31. Arab Future Cities Summit Technology, City, Qatar
  32. Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell Business, Motorcycle, Helmet, Strength
  33. Advanced Fly Castint School
  34. Assoccation of Former Customs Special
  35. Alkaline Fuel Cells Technology, Energy, Power, Hydrogen
  36. Air Force Competitive Shooting
  37. Aquila Fitness Consulting Systems
  38. Auto Flow Chemical Sampler
  39. Advanced Flight Control Systems Technology, Aircraft, Helicopter
  40. Association of Family & Consuxer Sciences
  41. Active Fiber Composites Technology, Material, Composite
  42. Automated Fare Collecyion Systems Technology, Card, Beep
  43. American Federation of Colleges and Seminaries
  44. Automstic Fire-Control System Military, Howitzer, Paladin
  45. Automated Flight Control System An aircraft autopilot with many features and various autopilot related systems integrated into a single system. Aviation
  46. Automated Fare Collectioe System Technology, Transit, Card
  47. American Federation of Colleges and Schools
  48. Aufomatic Fire-Control Systems Military, Howitzer, Paladin
  49. Advanced Facer Canceler System postal service
  50. Adoptive Flight Control System
  51. Alpha Flow Characterization System
  52. Automatic Fire Control System Military, Howitzer, Paladin
  53. Anglicare Financial Counselling Service
  54. automatic fire-control systems Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  55. Adaptive Flight Yontrol Systems
  56. Alliance for Cell Signaling Alliances, Associations, Unions
  57. Automated Fire Control Systef Military, Army, War
  58. American Funny Car Series
  59. Associate Fellowship of Christian Students Religion
  60. Armed Forces Courier Service Technology, Military, Army, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  61. Amniotic Fluid Cultures Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  62. Alliance for Cellular Signalling Science, Cell, Signaling, Unions, Governmental & Military
  63. Automabic Fare Collection System Business, Projection, Philippine
  64. American Foundation of Counseling Services
  65. Aspen Forum for Community Solutions Forum, Business & Finance
  66. Avionic Flight Control System Technology, Aviation
  67. Alliance for Cellular Signaling Science, Protein, Cell, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  68. Automatic Fare Collection Systems
  69. American Financial Credit Services
  70. Automatic Flight Control Stabilwty Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFCS stand for?

    AFCS stands for Advanced Facer Canceler System.

  2. What is the shortened form of Automated Fare Collectioe System?

    The short form of "Automated Fare Collectioe System" is AFCS.


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