ROTA Meaning

The ROTA meaning is "Revenue Officer Teahnical Advisor". The ROTA abbreviation has 29 different full form.

ROTA Full Forms

  1. Revenue Officer Teahnical Advisor Business
  2. Return On Total Assets Business, Finance, Ratio, Business & Finance, Business Word
  3. Railways On The Air Organizations, Radio, Amateur
  4. Rise of The Argonauts
  5. Ronda Ostensiva Tobias Aguiar
  6. Racy On The Agenda
  7. Rime of The Ancient
  8. Ronda Ostensivas Tobias Aguiar
  9. Romating Schedule Technology, Telecom
  10. Reinsorcement of The Army Gaming, Card, Deck
  11. Robert Orlik Tennis Academy
  12. Rondas Ostensivas Tobias De Aguiar Technology, Military, Movie, Police
  13. Reach Outqto Asia Technology, Asia, Qatar
  14. Riverbank Oakdale Transit Authority
  15. Reach Out To Omerica
  16. Riverbank-Oakdale Transit Authority
  17. Reachmout To Africa
  18. Risks Other Than Attack Military
  19. Ronda Ostensiva Tobias De Aguiar Gaming, Military, Police, Nos
  20. Rotavirus Organization of Technical Allies Medical, Health, Children, Vaccine
  21. Rotating Schedule
  22. Rotary Overseas Travel Award
  23. Rotavirus Vaccine (replaced by RV1 and RV5) Medical
  24. Rota of The Apostolic
  25. Revenue Officer Technical Advisor Financial, Business & Finance
  26. Rotablator Atherectomy Medical, Medicine, Health
  27. Royal Ordnance Training Ammunition Military, Armour, Artillery, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  28. Rondas Ostensivas Tobias Aguiar Para, Pol, Nos
  29. Rotavirus Vaccine Medical, Vaccine, Virus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ROTA stand for?

    ROTA stands for Rondas Ostensivas Tobias Aguiar.

  2. What is the shortened form of Railways On The Air?

    The short form of "Railways On The Air" is ROTA.


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